Common name: Earth stars

Native to: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia


Dyckia are bromeliads sharing that group’s characteristic rosette shape. They are not technically succulents, as they do not store water in their leaves, but they do have similar thick, waxy foliage.

Dyckia are xeriscape plants and can withstand long periods without moisture. The leaves vary from long and strappy to short and scalloped. All foliage is fairly rigid and may be smooth or serrated, a solid color or variegated or spotted. Long stalks with multiple red, yellow, or orange flowers appear in spring. The wide range of varieties ensures that there is a specimen for every taste.

Dyckia spp.

  • Native / exotic: Exotic

    Aspect: Full sun, high temperaturs in sheltered areas

    Flowers: Flowers, long stalks with tubular flowers in various inflorescent forms

    Fragrance: None

    Foliage: Star-shaped, varied colours and variegations

    Growth habit: Star-shaped whorls and tight clumping

    Hardiness: Hardy and drought tolerant; unfussy and thrive on neglect!

    Height: Up to 40 cm

    Spread: Up to 50 cm

    Soil requirements: Evenly-moist soils when growing; not soggy soil and don't mind neglect. Benefit from soaking in very harsh heat, but can survive harsh drought

    Uses: Adding shape, form and colour to borders and under tree plantings


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