Syn. Neowashingtonia robusta, Washingtonia filifera var. robusta

Common name: Mexican fan palm, Washingtonia palm, Sky duster

Native to: Mexico


The Mexican Fan Palm is a tall, vigorous palm that quickly grows a stout trunk, albeit thinner than its sister species Washingtonia filifera. Widely grown worldwide, the Skyduster is probably most familiar from the avenue plantings in California. Trunks are topped by a crown of large (1.5m wide or more) fan leaves that have loose threaded margins and often a purplish brown patch at the base of the leaf stalk.

Washingtonia robusta

  • Native / exotic: Exotic

    Aspect: Full sun

    Flowers: Inflorescence of small white flowers on bracts

    Fragrance: None

    Foliage: Evergreen, costapalmate, induplicate, split about half the blade length into numerous segments with stiff tips and threads (marginal fibers) hanging between segments. Many bright green leaves form a full crown.

    Growth habit: Upright, tapered stem, roughly twice as wide at the base than the crown, and bright green leaves forming a dense crown.

    Hardiness: Hardy but not drought resistant

    Height: Up to 20 metres

    Spread: Up to 0.8 metres

    Soil requirements: Prefers well-drained soils. 

    Uses: Large structural planting in areas with a lot of space and impressive accent features in large space.


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